Stop smoking one step at a time – a calendar style day by day guide to get you through the first 28 days

The calendar offers tips/guidance to help plan a quit attempt, day by day, for up to 28 days and how to plan ahead after the 28 day milestone.

Test yourself. How addicted are you?

A willpower assessment quiz which helps determine willpower level, before starting a quit attempt, and provides suggestions for improving willpower.

Feel healthier, get wealthier wheel

The health and wealth wheel is an interactive tool that helps track how much money is saved by quitting and the difference a quit attempt is making to health.

Making your cravings easier to beat. A guide to stop smoking medication

Find out the facts about the stop smoking medicines available including nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), Champix and Zyban, including how and where to get them.

Tangle stress reliever

Keeps hands busy and takes the mind off cigarettes. The tangle is an easy and convenient way to relieve stress during a quit attempt.

Licensed Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is not included in the kit; however,it is available when you register with a specialist stop smoking service based in a participating pharmacy. The pharmacy staff will offer advice and support, and help you choose the type of NRT that will suit you best.

If you quit cigarettes for 28 days you’re five times more likely to quit for good. Order your free quit kit now and you’re on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

The Quit Kit is available to residents of Northern Ireland only.

How much can you save?