• Gary's story

    After taking up cycling Gary decided quitting cigarettes was the best thing he could do for his health. Learn more about how Gary quit smoking.

  • Lorna's story

    Lorna was smoking from 11 years of age but 25 years later she has quit with the help of her free stop smoking service.

  • Joy's story

    Joy stopped smoking with support from her free stop smoking service. She has lost two stone and bought her first car with the money from quitting.

  • Donna's story

    Donna was a smoker for 23 years until she decided it was time to quit. Find out how she successfully stopped smoking with help from her local stop smoking service.

  • Kerri's story

    Kerri wanted to quit smoking for herself and her family. Find out how she did it with help from the free stop smoking service.

  • Charlene's story

    Health and her children were Charlene’s reasons for quitting. Hear Charlene explain how she succeeded in giving up cigarettes.


  • Gerry's story

    After more than 70 years as a smoker Gerry quit smoking with the help of the Stop Smoking Service at the South West Acute Hospital. Find out more about Gerry’s quit journey.

  • Tammy's story

    Tammy smoked for 33 years until she quit for her three grandchildren. Hear how the Stop Smoking Service helped Tammy.

  • Alma's story

    Alma wanted to stop smoking for a long time and quitting has been a major change in her life. Find out how Alma benefited from quitting smoking.

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